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about us

For over 20 years, Johnston Design has worked successfully with Government, Corporate and smaller bespoke clients.

We work in collaboration with our clients to create and develop a suite of communication collateral and campaigns. We develop hero designs as well as template solutions for practical implementation across economies of scale.

Johnston Design approach to graphic design is a process of collaboration, strategic and creative thinking, co-producing effective communications with clients that deliver outcomes to exceed expectations – on time and on budget. We work with our clients on core thinking and strategy development that leads into integrated, tactical campaigns.

Our significant experience in delivering critical business documents means we understand better than most the unmovable deadlines, content requirements and production demands. It also means we can make the following firm promises:

•  To help minimise the workload for the party responsible for producing / supervising the project.
•  To create a concise, well structured document that outlines the organisation’s key messages in an accessible and easy to read way.
•  In regards to documents such as Annual Reports, to ensure your organisation meets its obligations to provide a full report of its operations in accordance with the relevant Acts and Regulations.